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Creative Chocolates

Helpful Hints: Tips for Keeping Your Chocolate at Its Best!

Our delicious chocolates are delicate and require proper care to keep their exceptional taste and appearance.

  • The chocolates may be frozen for up to six months. If frozen, the chocolates should be wrapped in double air-tight sealed plastic freezer bags (or equivalent materials). The chocolates should remain in the bags when being thawed until they return to room temperature. This will keep moisture from condensing on the chocolate.
  • Chocolate readily absorbs other flavors and odors. Do not store near chemicals, cleaning solvents, perfumes, air freshener, etc.
  • Chocolate and moisture do not mix. High humidity or moisture may cause a white haze or spots on the surface of the chocolate. (This is known as "moisture bloom".) The chocolate will not look as appetizing, but it will generally be just as tasty.

    In general, solid chocolate which is not mixed with other products will have a shelf life of at least six to twelve months or longer, depending on the environmental storage conditions. When mixed with other products (nuts, cream, etc.) the shelf life will be reduced.

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