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Creative Chocolates produces delicious foiled chocolate coins that can be imprinted on one or both sides with an almost endless assortment of standard and custom images. These make ideal gifts, promotional and thank you items, and turn down service amenities. The coins are 1.5” in diameter and are available in either gold foil (plain milk chocolate or dark mint chocolate) or silver foil (plain milk chocolate). A metal die is used to imprint the image in the foil and the chocolate. See the links below for information on currently available standard and custom images.
Standard Images
Click here to see a list of our standard images in a variety of themes: weddings, sports, animals, holidays, military insignia/crests, vehicles/aircraft, monograms, vocations, and sentiments. We are continually adding to these so please inquire if you do not see what you need. Click here to browse pictures of many (not all) of our standard images.
Custom Images
We have an extensive library of custom images including hundreds of local and nation-wide corporate and non-profit organization logos and designs. Click here to see a list of many (not all) of these custom images. Please inquire if you do not see what you need. Click here to browse pictures of many (not all) of our custom images. There are no repeat die charges nor set up fees for custom images currently available. Custom images can be made for almost any logo, sketch, or phrase. Individuals ordering trademarked or otherwise protected images warrant that they have the authority to purchase those images.



1 - 5k

5 - 10k

10 - 20k







call for pricing






call for pricing

Pricing for custom coins is based on annual usage of the custom image, not on each individual order. There is no extra charge for imprints on the reverse side of a coin except for a die charge if an image is not available. There are no minimums for any order. We have special pricing arrangements with some corporations.
Custom Die Charge: $50 each; no charge for initial orders of 5,000 or more.
Available in Gold Foil (milk or dark mint chocolate) or Silver Foil (milk chocolate).
Normal Initial Delivery: 5-6 weeks. Repeat orders: normally < 1 week.
Rush Initial Delivery: Less than 1-2 weeks ($30 expedited delivery charge for new custom die if less than six weeks provided from time of receipt of acceptable artwork).
Artwork: No charge if camera ready artwork provided.

When Placing New Custom Orders, please provide the following information:

1) Artwork: provide a clear description of what you desire and/or art file (eps file of vector art preferred; other acceptable formats: eps, jpg, ai). Contact if you have artwork questions.
Send artwork to AND ALSO TO

2) How many coins

3) Type of foil/chocolate (available in Gold Foil: milk or dark mint chocolate, or Silver Foil: milk chocolate)

4) When you need order delivered

5) Special packaging (see below)

6) Destination for order

7) Payment information

Orders and inquiries should be addressed to, telephone 210-824-2462, or mailed to Creative Chocolates, 7700 Broadway, Suite 105, San Antonio, TX 78209. 
Coins may be packaged in a wide variety of containers.
---A clear acrylic box for 3 coins is $.75@
---A gold organza bag for 3-6 coins is $.75@
— A clear plastic container for 6 coins is $.75@
— A clear plastic container for 10 coins is $.50@
— Other sizes of clear and closed gift packaging is available for almost any quantity of coins.
Some may be printed. Please call for ideas and pricing.

Call us at (210) 824-2462 for more information... or e-mail us.

We'd love to create that special touch for you.

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